Looking for Mark Burnell’s books

A recent issue of The Economist contained a glowing review of the latest in a thriller series by Mark Burnell, “The Third Woman.” It also recommended starting at the beginning of the series rather than picking up in the middle, so I headed straight for amazon.com.

First problem: the reviews on Amazon.com are polar opposites from the review in The Economist. Which is it, a wonderful series thriller, or a “plodding sequel?”

Second problem: all the books in the series are either out of print or as yet unavailable in the US. I could start in the middle with Chameleon if I were willing to buy used, but if I wanted to start at the beginning with “The Rhythm Section,” it appears I’m out of luck, as no sellers are offering on Amazon.com marketplace, and 12 buyers are queued in front of me.

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4 Responses to Looking for Mark Burnell’s books

  1. Jenny says:

    eBay? There are also other used book places online, other than Amazon. Good luck.

  2. CRichard says:

    The way to buy the earlier books is through Amazon.co.uk. They will ship to the US. The first time we tried the advertised delivery
    was several weeks. Reality was just 2 weeks. Subsequent order was shipped next day.

    THe Rhythm Section promises to live up to The Economist description. It has me gripped so far.

  3. hanmeng says:

    I started with “The Rhythm Section” and thought it was pretty good. I got it through interlibrary loan, which is where I’ll get the others when I want to read them.

  4. katia says:

    I think all the Stephanie Patrick/Petra Reuter books are great. I’m into the 4th one myself.

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