It’s tough to use a computer with no display

The screen on my work computer, a Macbook Pro, has died for a 2nd time. The first time, I sent it to Apple as we had no local Apple Authorized Service Center, and they returned it to me with my high-quality third party RAM in a bag, along with a message that the screen problems were caused by RAM that didn’t meet Apple specifications. Um, bullshit, but my computer worked again so I didn’t care too much. I put the 4GB RAM back in and had been using it trouble-free since early September.

Now the screen’s dead again, I’ve swapped the factory RAM back in so I don’t have to put up with crap stories from the service center about how the RAM is causing the video card to take a vacation, and today I’ll take it to our new Peachmac so they can fix it. Everyone I know has been happy with their service so far, so I’m pretty sure they’ll just replace the logic board and send me on my way — after all, this is a known problem.

In the meantime, I jumped through some hoops to enable Screen Sharing via the command line. Chris Brewer’s instructions were the most thorough, but after following them I had to try a couple of different VNC clients before I found one, TightVNC, that worked from my Vista test machine.

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